Ultra Premium 500mg Hemp Oil

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We have done all the hard work to produce the best hemp oil on the market, so that you do not need to shop around any more! 

Caalmyn is the only ultra premium hemp oil to be made in the UK and to GMP standards, ensuring you get results for your health goals.

Our product uses a real 500mg high strength hemp extract which has also been tested for quality to ensure you get what you paid for! 

Why You Should Buy Caalmyn Hemp Oil Drops

Made in the UK 

With so many hemp oils on the market that are made abroad in countries like China, Netherlands and Switzerland, it can be hard to trust brands. Caalmyn is made in the UK to higher standards than any where else in the World. 


GMP Grade

There is no other hemp oil made in the UK, in an accredited GMP facility. With Caalmyn you can rest assure that it has been manufacted to the absolutely highest standards for a hemp oil with unrivalled quality.

Wellness Benefits - Anxiety, Pain & More...

We take pride having developed the best product on the market, cutting no corners to ensure that you fully gain all the wellness benefits that real hemp oil drops have to offer. 

Anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia, mood, eczema and more!  

3rd Party Lab Tested

Caalmyn is verified for its quality, ingredients and hemp extract through well renowned 3rd party test labs. This ensures that if we label our product as 500mg hemp extract, that you get the purist real 500mg hemp extract possible.

Pure 500mg Hemp Extract

You will only benefit from using hemp oil if the ingredients are of the highest quality. Since we also use Caalmyn ourselves, we use the best CO2 extraction method to produce the ultimate 500mg hemp extract.

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Easy To Use

Using Caalymn hemp drops is easy, simply place a few drops under the tongue and hold for 1 minute before swallowing. Take 1 to 3 times daily and build up dose to suit your individual needs. 28 drops is the maximum daily amount recommended by the FDA, however a customised dose maybe required to manage your needs.

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